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Satta King Dec 2020

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad D-D Taj Delhi King
2020-12-01 XX 74 53 95 XX XX XX
2020-12-02 37 88 13 20 XX XX XX
2020-12-03 24 63 91 60 XX XX XX
2020-12-04 69 92 98 63 XX XX XX
2020-12-05 94 40 10 58 XX XX XX
2020-12-06 92 06 81 01 XX XX XX
2020-12-07 95 12 56 45 XX XX XX
2020-12-08 86 01 21 66 XX XX XX
2020-12-09 15 32 89 49 XX XX XX
2020-12-10 85 96 59 97 XX XX XX
2020-12-11 26 08 97 85 XX 88 XX
2020-12-12 58 85 97 55 XX 20 XX
2020-12-13 69 37 40 21 XX 81 XX
2020-12-14 15 95 77 33 XX 49 XX
2020-12-15 54 53 81 19 XX 33 XX
2020-12-16 62 20 30 39 XX 87 XX
2020-12-17 31 58 35 51 XX 62 XX
2020-12-18 26 70 66 04 XX 00 XX
2020-12-19 75 32 10 80 XX 22 XX
2020-12-20 06 35 60 11 XX 86 XX
2020-12-21 79 51 20 77 XX 58 XX
2020-12-22 79 39 11 37 XX 66 XX
2020-12-23 19 72 80 01 XX 86 XX
2020-12-24 58 46 47 27 XX 83 XX
2020-12-25 07 01 37 97 XX 39 XX
2020-12-26 14 XX XX XX XX XX XX
2020-12-26 14 96 43 35 XX 64 XX
2020-12-27 18 37 11 27 XX 35 XX
2020-12-28 18 46 36 83 XX 31 XX
2020-12-29 44 98 91 84 XX 48 XX
2020-12-30 13 53 84 06 XX 22 XX


What is Satta King ?

What is Matka King Game? Online lottery gaming has been one of the best games being patronized by a massive number of gamers around the world. It comes in various modes, settings, and appearances. Online satta king game is not only a source of entertainment in times of boredom. It is also a way of escaping the harsh reality even in a short period as it takes those stresses, worries, and negativities away from our bodies. It serves as a stress reliever and can also be a platform to improve your lottery skills either online or in the actual.In so many online lottery games, various forms and versions were already released to cope with the increasing amount of its demand across the world. One of the most famous satta king games worldwide is the Satta king onlineGame? Have you heard of this one?

Satta King is a game characterized as a lottery game. The founder of this game was named Ratan Khatri, and he is the Satta King. It is a game filled with numbers and lottery rules, as well as modes. It is also defined as a full-fledged lottery game that started during the 1950s after the Independence of India.Back then, this game was known as ‘Ankara Jugar.’ After some time, it evolved and changed as to what it is now, leaving the name ‘Matka’ unchanged.

Here, you can win crore of rupees or lakhs by investing even a little amount of money.This is a game wherein you can either win or lose money. Some players can win 5-50 lakh per game and some can’t. Moreover, some players call this game as a game that is purely dependent on luck. It is filled with risks whether you will invest your money and either lose it or win it. To those lucky players, they can be an instant rich individual overnight and to those who don’t, on the other side, loses their money.Also, the Satta King Game is already banned. Why? During the 1980s to 1990s, this game was at the peak of success. Lots of people began to patronize this game with all their money. People have gone crazy about this game, which pushed the Mumbai Police to crack this game down.

Satta King is a game characterized as a lottery game. The founder of this game was named Ratan Khatri, and he is the This game, as a lottery game, did not follow the rules and regulations set for them to follow. These rules and regulations seek to protect and keep the players aware of their limitations yet all of it was not failed to be followed.As a result, the Satta King Game was banned together with other games that have the sameness to it in terms of the environment, modes, and rules. This game and other lottery games may be a blast to a considerable number of players across the world, yet it did not follow the law.The law that prohibits and in charge of running a gambling house is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. This law strengthened the case of banning the Delhi Satta king Game and other related lottery games. It states that gambling is a crime and must be prohibited. It also states that gambling is a game wherein money is at risk and becomes the root of illegal transactions, violence, and other immoral acts.

Matka Game: A Brief History

For the history of Satta King 2020 Game, let us first start to its root, which is the Satta Matka. Satta Matka was first known during the ‘50s when people placed their bets both on the opening and closing of cotton rates. These rates were then transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. However, the New York Cotton Exchange did stop the practice in 1961. As a result, it became the cause of gamblers looking for other alternative ways just to keep the business of Satta Matka alive.This then led the game- the Game to an easier way. Alternatives for the system to generate random numbers were made. Some of these were dealing play cards, or pulling slips from the Matka or also called as an earthenware pot. These alternatives provided the players with an easier and comfortable game wherein they only need to pull or deal with play cards rather than the traditional cotton rates. Through time, more and more improvements were experienced by the Satta King Game, which led it into a comfortable and worth it game being enjoyed by lots of players around the world.

How to Pass Satta King Game?

Satta King Game as a lottery game is all about money and numbers. In this game, a player must be mindful and must be knowledgeable about certain techniques that can be used to pass the game. If not done, it can lead to a failed game, and all of the invested money will be lost. To pass this game, a player must be: Knowledgeable about the Game This game plays with cards with certain characters and these characters are called the Satka Matka Kings- Kalyanji Bhagat, Suresh Bhagat, and Rattan Khatri. These three kings serve as the avatar of the player which they can use in the entire game. By knowing these characters together with the respective rules and guides, any player can successfully pass this game and win money.

Able to Provide and Invest their Money

The Satta Faridabad ame is a gambling game and so it requires money for a player to play. Money runs this game. That is why it is a need of the player to be able to provide and invest money. If not, a player can never access nor play the game. Another thing, it is better to prepare a lot of money as this game will require you to bet and as you badly want to win the game. The only risk of this game is that it can take all your invested money and can leave you with nothing. However, it will always depend on you as the player whether you will risk your money or believe I luck that you can still win the game Able to Operate the Game Nowadays, as the Satta King Game already engaged itself and adapted modern technology, it is now also played in a modern way. Online Game is now accessible on the internet and being played secretly by players across the world. Being online, a player or beginner must know and be able to operate the game. Secret websites are now entertaining this online lottery game, which can be accessed by the player and start the game. Asking for other players for some advice on how to operate and play this game can be a good way of starting an online lottery gaming experience. Now, let us begin on…

Satta King Game: How to Play and Pass

Most of the players love to play Matka King Game, for it only has the approach of guessing game from 0-9. Let us see if it is that simple.A player of Satta King Game must choose 3 numbers randomly from 0-9. This will be the numbers that they will use to bet in the entire game. For example, a player chose the numbers of 2, 3, and 9 as primes selected at random. When calculated, these chosen numbers will result in 14. Then, from the terminal sum, only the last digit of the number is applicable. In this case, number 14 has the last digit of 4 and this 4 will be added to the three chosen numbers. It will then come this way, 2, 3, 9, *4. Next, there is also a described second set of chosen random numbers. These numbers follow the same process just like what we did in the first set of numbers. Let us put the second set of numbers like 8,1, and 9. The sum of these three numbers is 18, and the last digit which is 8, will be added to the line of the three numbers, 8, 1, 9, *8.So, the final draw of numbers in the combination of the two sets of numbers will be 2, 3, 9, *4 X 8, 1, 9, *8. By following this, you can surely win the game and take that invested money away with you.

Check Out the Satta King Result Chart Record

As a betting and lottery game, the Satta King Game regularly announces the winners for that specific draw. The results are being posted in the Satta King Results Chart Record. This record holds the bets and games of the players, which will determine if they will be the winner or loser of the draw.

This chart record comes in a colorful approach with a complete record of the players’ bets throughout the entire betting period. This record will also serve as proof of the players for them to receive their prices once they win.Moreover, this chart record can show other players across the world on how much percentage of the players already placed their bets and currently waits for the results.

This is a great way of looking over the activities of the players as they wait on who will be the lucky player with the lucky numbers.

Follow the Satta King Jodi Result

The Satta King Jodi Result is a platform wherein the players can access and take a look at the result. The Jodi Result shows every bit of information needed by the players together with the results of the draw. To follow the Jodi Result, players can access it through the website of the Game but it must be done carefully. Due to the fact that this game is already banned, players must be careful about every move that they take to avoid the risks of entrapment and imprisonment once proven guilty in the court. Taking a look at the Jodi Result and following it must be done carefully knowing that consequences are waiting.

This game had been officially banned by the Indian Government through thorough studies and considerations of the game’s purposes, benefits, and application to the players’ daily living. It is proven that Satta Desawar game comes in a gambling and illegal approach. That is why the founders and producers of this game made tighter and strict rules and regulations. Using and playing this game will now depend on you. As the player, who agreed to the terms and policies of the game. The game will provide you with brief and comprehensive information about the game’s processes, rules, modes, settings, and limitations at your first time of playing it. You must follow and be able to understand every rule to avoid facing the consequences, not only you as the player, but also the whole game itself.

This SattaKing game is made by the founders and other colleagues only for entertainment purposes. This game only seeks to inform and teach the players how to play and apply lottery techniques that they can use, not only in other online lottery games but also in the actual one. This game also seeks to widen the perspectives and ideas of the players about the dos and don’ts when playing an online lottery game.
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